Being You

Hello there! 
It’s been a while. Sorry I haven’t been here; school work has really gotten the better part of me. I’ll be starting my exams soon and I wasn’t planning on posting anything until after the exams but I just had to share this short but quite touching story(Forgive me for my comparism as I’m just trying to paint a vivid picture of what the story is). Today’s post is actually a poem but the short story before it motivated the poem.
So there’s this girl; she’s very plump, has a kind of apple shaped body and not so attractive look. Forgive me to say this, she was nothing close to being a beauty princess or queen. Not that she feels bad about her physical appearance but you could tell she doesn’t expect so much from life. She was just a normal person hoping to survive in this cruel world. 
 So there’s this boy; tall,dark skinned, comfortable and very mature. He isn’t much of a prince charming but oh! the good Lord made him on a special day. He has this aura that could be sensed millions of miles away. Trust me, he may not be every girl’s dream but he sure has what it takes to get us tripping. I know you are already saying to yourself :”yeah yeah, boy meets girl, girl meets boy story”. you’re actually right! Infact this guy loves her so much that one day, she broke into tears saying :” why he loves me, I don’t know but it sure does scare me”.
 Personally, I thought things like that only happen in movies but this is for real! I felt like I was watching some kind of Nollywood movie. He loves her and he’s ready to spend the rest of his life with her. Forget the fact that you are not meant to judge people, there’s no way you’ld witness such thing and not want to question the guy’s choice .It was almost unbelievable.
My point is, this girl was not one of the prettiest or skinniest or fairest girls and yet she got her prince charming with little or no effort. All she did was just being herself!
Most of us change our entire being just to suite someone else.We try too hard to be loved by people and forget to represent our true selves. We live in a world of pretence and deceit just to be a part of someone’s life.
Then I realised that in the end, what really matters is staying true to yourself because when all these things fade, the only thing we have left is our esteem. What you hate about yourself, someone else secretly or openly adores it.I know you’ve heard various sermons and stories telling you to be yourself. Well, this is one of them but now I’m asking you, if you are not yourself, who else do you wanna be? Is it that pretty, tall and skinny girl whom all the guys seem to be chasing but deep down has more problems than she can handle? Or is that guy who’s body is so hot he could be mistaken for a god yet he’s battling with some serious issues? 
Everyone else is taken, so stick to being you! God loves you and don’t forget to smile 🙂
Being you

Every morning she gets up
Looks into the mirror
sees a picture of all she’s not
Today, she saw nothing

She walked out the door
With a face so blank and wan
And a mind as blank as a new page
Today, she thought nothing

She tried to pinch her fingers
But they were all numb
Not even the slightest pain
Today, she felt nothing

For everyday of her life
She’s been somebody else
Everything felt so different because
Today, she was just HERSELF

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4 Responses to Being You

  1. Iyanuoluwa says:

    Moyosore Ajeigbe Smiles…woow!!!…this is a really nyyc article!! 🙂


  2. Dunni says:

    I like dis particular 1 a lot…..u r way beta at dis dan i imagined…rili nice 🙂


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