Privacy versus Attention

Isn’t everyday just a story line? Especially when you are amidst people from different backgrounds, you just never seem to get enough of bewildering stories. Just when you think you have the worst life or you can’t get yourself to smile, hold on a minute and have a re-think. You could wake up one day, watch the people around you for a while without altering a word- just observe. Less talking, more listening. You’ll be shocked at the lengths human beings go just to get noticed or mess with other people. I’m not writing this to mock anyone or vindicate myself. All I simply want to pass across is the essence of privacy. This is what makes us respectable, the fact that we are able to keep our stuff in line without having to make a shout out to the whole world because when you make mistakes, be sure to get this same world laughing in your face.
Let’s just say ever since the invention of social networking, everyone has just decided to come out of their shell. The issue of expressing yourself openly has been more alarming ever since it has become totally acceptable to post anything and everything online. We are all guilty of this, even me, because I’m sure we all, at some point in time, want to just dump our feelings and emotions on other people even if they are not listening. Yeah, the truth is they don’t care (at least most of them). Fact is, most of them are bored and looking for something to just keep them ‘’unbored’’. So why make your life a reality show and make every single detail about you be known to people who would just make you feel like shit(sorry if my use of language is raw).
Don’t get me wrong, twitter, BBM, face book and other social networks have saved a lot of us from untimely deaths from the claws of boredom. The fact that we get entertained by just reading some funny things online cannot be disputed. We also get a lot of information that could save a generation from regret and pain. In fact, in this century, the easiest and fastest way to pass a message across is by posting them on a social network. We can however never over emphasize the usefulness of this ‘’remedy to boredom’’
Anyway let’s not get into a debate on the advantages and disadvantages of social networking because that is not my main point here. Let’s not get carried away by the ‘’it’s a free world motto’’ and lose our sense of modesty in the process. Yeah sure, it’s nobody’s business what you tweet, put as your BBM update or your facebook status but then, it becomes their business since you’ve decided not to keep a diary when the urge to express yourself in vulgar or offensive manner has become the order of the day. Again, don’t get this the wrong way, there’s absolutely nothing wrong in sharing your opinions with people but it becomes very disturbing when you make your own personal life everybody’s problem.
Why put a nude picture of yourself for public view just to get attention? I mean it’s just so ludicrous to actually crave for attention so much to the extent of obscenity. You want to start a porn site? Well sign up for it instead of transforming the good intentions of the inventors of social networking into the devil’s workshop. You have a problem with someone? Let them know by sitting them down or even giving them a call, at least that way you can prove to them that you are not pusillanimous(being a coward) and when you have issues, you don’t go all Adele on them by writing them an indirect message on your facebook or twitter page.
Some even go to the extent of giving us a regular update of their sex lives and when I say regular updates, I mean every single detail of their sex lives. You never know the harm you are causing to a pure heart by just the things you write or post. Just be mature enough to keep your private life PRIVATE. We all fight that urge to just let everyone know what’s up and want to feel like a ‘’G’’ (super star or should I say local champion) but the truth is, for every detail of your personal life you expose, a part of your self-respect has been depleted
A philosopher once wrote:’’ A smart man knoweth what to say but a wise man knoweth when or when not to say it’’ (permit me if I’ve quoted it wrongly). We can keep getting entertained and also entertaining people without removing that element of privacy, it even adds to the beauty of life. How would life be if you knew everyone inside out and there’s nothing to hide? Don’t give people the sword to kill your confidence and pride just by the things you post. Don’t dwell on fake lives on twitter, facebook or any social network thereby neglecting the fact that you have to live a real one. Nude pictures or no nude pictures, people that love you would and the haters, they’ll always be there to do their job. Remember, the
empty barrels make the loudest noise.


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  2. yanmiwa says:

    Nice one moyo I read all ur posts dey r realli nice keep up d good work


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    Hmmmm good work moyo *thumbs up*…jst read dem nw..;)


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