Insane Fashion


Clad in clothes of value high
Expensive shoes we want to buy
To the beauty shop down the street
We owe our cash and daily visit
Vanity oh Vanity

Sleepless nights, roaming mind
On what to wear, of what kind
Anything to hear them say
Oh! “You look so smashing today”
Vanity oh Vanity

We walk inches above the ground
Up and down, round and round
Faces embedded in a plastic coat
Just to hide the things we loathe
Vanity oh Vanity

At the sight of a reflection
We stop to aim perfection
Oh I look so fat in this dress
My hair is such a mess
Vanity oh Vanity

A thousand dollar price tag
All it takes to get the bag
All year long we work so hard
And then we get fashion mad
Insanity oh Insanity

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About Mo'smiles

Christian. Semi introvert. Style ambassador. Chemical Engineer.
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1 Response to Insane Fashion

  1. Dunni says:

    Rili nyce….


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