Little Me

Hey there!So I wrote this poem called little me and for the sake of people who don’t know much about poetry, I would be glad to explain it’s literal meaning. The main thing this poem is talking about is CONSCIENCE. it centers  around the human conscience and its effect on us as human beings. It may seem little but its effect is tangible. In the last stanza, Iindicated its importance, having no conscience is as good as having no soul which can make us do some crazy things. Therefore, the human conscience is like the little part of us and the more we feed it, the more it grows.Please go through the poem and you could scroll back up to get a better picture of what I’m talking about. Thanks again for reading. Much love :*

PETITE MOI (Little Me)
Too little to be noticed
But too big to be ignored
Audible enough be heard
But too quiet to respond

Too little to stand alone
But too big to live in me
Weak enough to let me be
But too strong to let go of me

Too little to make a choice
But too big to control mine
Nice enough to let me choose
But too wicked to take the blame

Too little to even grow
But once it does it never stops
Insignificant enough to be neglected
But once it leaves I have no soul

By the way, I might be gone for just a little while again but I promise to keep you posted. Thanks a mill and don’t forget to Smile *Cheese* 😀

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2 Responses to Little Me

  1. nexuzblack says:

    You r a great writer..u av good command of language n knw whr n wat to put d words…kudos


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