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I’m back :D….first I want to thank you all for taking time to read my blog. I really appreciate all the comments and observations. You guys keep me inspired, love y’all and God bless :*

So my post for today is CHOICES. It’s an extract from an article I wrote earlier on with some modifications though. Read, enjoy and please leave your comments.


One of the greatest privileges we have as humans are our choices. Even God doesn’t deprive us of that; he lets us choose who to serve- him or the devil. Every stage in life requires us to make one choice or the other. However, some choices are made for us, by us or against us. Whichever way they are made, they affect us in the tiniest little way or the greatest possible way.

The choices made by us are the most crucial ones. If anything goes wrong in the course, we take full responsibility and if it goes otherwise the glory is all yours. Especially as young adults, blaming anyone for the choices you make is an act of immaturity. I once read a book about “Ten steps to maturity’’ and one of them says: ‘Recognising that you always have choices and taking responsibility for the ones you make’. You want to drop out of school because you believe you would make it in music is an example of a choice made by you. This choice would probably seem stupid to most people around you, until you make a success out of it. It would also be your blame to take if it goes the other way round.

Most times, choices are made for us when we are incapable of making them ourselves or when they are being forced on us. At least we have someone to blame for any misfortune in this case. Nevertheless, it’s sometimes worth it when the choices are made for us because you could get so confused when you are about to take a very huge step.

Death is a choice made against us. It’s a debt we all have to pay no matter how far we try to run away from it. In fact let’s just say we don’t have a choice in death and the earlier we realise this fact the better. It amazes me when I see people living life like they aren’t going to die. I mean, they take life a little too serious by thinking so much about the future, getting so worked up about the past therefore forgetting to live in the present. Come on! Give yourself a break

My point is that choices are necessities- you have to make them! If you don’t, someone else would make them for you. But it’s okay to make a wrong one a few times, after all life didn’t come with a user guide. However, take your time to think about every choice you are about to make, you never know how much impact something that may seem so irrelevant now would have on your life. Just ask God for wisdom 🙂 . Oh! by the way, never question a person’s choice because you don’t know how far they’ve come in making them. Sure you could give a piece of advice but be careful so you don’t get caught up in taking the responsibility along with them. It can never be over emphasised that the choices we make, make us who we are.

So you can choose to keep that frown and get your face all wrinkled or you could just say: ‘oh what the hell! I’m just going to smile through it all’. Remember to
‘‘Turn your past over to God
He’s strong enough to take it
And give him your future too
He’ll make you strong enough to live it’’

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  1. osaz says:

    Gud ryt up…. Rilly kwl…kip it up n yh m smylin


  2. OKTLANREZ says:

    Nice one star girl,kip it up mayb sumdai it wil lead u 2 sumwia sweet.


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