I choose to stand alone; not by chance but by choice. The words I speak are for me and by me. Trials and tribulations, I endure alone. I fall during some and struggle, all by myself, to get back on my feet. Sometimes, I just remain there for a while. I solicit nobody’s opinion because I feel mine is sufficient for me. I dwell in the pride of my own independence.

Alone I dream to shake mountains and stir up oceans. I originate schemes to make these dreams a reality, with my autonomous initiative. Along the line, the challenges become too massive. They weigh me down and take me in the opposite direction- I fail. But who am I to complain to? After all, I’m an island on my own. So I take full responsibility for every action taken.

Then you came along. You offered a whole new world different from the one I live in. You didn’t promise me a smooth journey but you said you would hold my hand through the bumpy ride. You didn’t promise me a total success but you promised me that every time I fail, we would fail together and help each other get back up. You never promised a tear free experience but you promised you would wipe my tears when I cry. You didn’t promise to always make me smile but you promised to always give me reasons to. You never said I would not have enemies but you promised to remain my friend till the end of time.

So I held your hand to explore this new world, following nothing but my instincts because it says I should; A diverse world indeed. I wanted to shake mountains but you showed me we could move the mountains from their positions together. With two legs, I wanted to walk a distance of distress but you made me see we could fly through it together. With one head I wanted to solve problems, and then you showed me we could unravel mysteries with our heads put together. I wanted to make a change in the world but you said, together, we could turn the world all around.

In one language we spoke. We danced to the same tune and thought in a unified perspective. Entangled deep within are our souls, communicating, even without physical contact. After this experience, being alone became strange to me because all I wanted was to share every moment with you; with you by my side, we stand hand-in-hand. Alone, I thought my star was bright enough, but with you, I lit up the sky. The strength of our unbreakable bond revealed to me, the power of TWO.

Thanks for reading and God bless.
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11 Responses to THE POWER OF TWO

  1. busola says:

    Moyo! Really great write up like always… Thumbs up :* :*


  2. Cecilia says:

    Really great hon! Way 2 go deep


  3. Yebo says:

    Sweerie I really luv it…u could easily become a writer..keep it up


  4. sMallZie says:

    One-word! Awwwwwwwww 🙂


  5. ReveredTeey says:

    Perfect display of dexterity


  6. Ndi says:

    Nice one! Please keep it up.


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