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It feels like forever, I know right? School, school, school and school! It feels good to be back though. My post for today is “2012”. Please read and leave your comments. God bless you.


‘‘Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but the number of moments that take our breaths away’’- Hitch

According to some school of thoughts, the world is supposed to end in 2012. Well, as at now, it’s December and we are still here. So far, it’s been a pretty eventful year and I must say if you’re reading this right now, no matter how horrible you feel about your life, You should be thankful because trust me, it could have been worse. To those we’ve lost this year: friends, relatives, colleagues, companions and even those we heard about their deaths but don’t really know them (after all we are all connected by a comic bond). My deepest condolences and May their souls continue to rest in peace.

A series of unfortunate events which happened this year have left us all at the verge of wondering if there’s still hope for humanity. I’m sure at least 80 percent of Nigerians would feel a cold shiver run down their spines just by mentioning the name ‘ALUU’. Well for those who don’t know, it is a small community in Port-Harcourt where four male youths were injudiciously killed for a crime they might not have committed. It is of no doubt that the killing of these four boys was nothing short of viciousness and savagery. It is very disheartening to see the little value we give to lives; it’s not like there’s a spare one somewhere else.

There’s always a different story to tell every day. You hear of people betraying family, friends and their loved ones for wealth, position and power. Don’t even get me started on the Boko-haram insurgencies. A bunch of uneducated nonentities who feel the best way to get attention is by killing innocent people for a reason that is beyond irrational. It is bad enough that we ,as a developing country, have to deal with an array of insecurities like a ‘military-like’ democracy, a terribly declining economy, food and job insecurities and what have you .But terrorist attacks added to all these? Come on, give us a break!

We now live in a world where we all have to go to bed at night with half-closed eyes. We dwell in a world where we succumb to brutality and choose hatred over love. A world where the fear in our hearts has made us all to give up on trust and togetherness. So literally, the world may not end in 2012 but 2012 is definitely the beginning of the end.

If from January till this present moment, you’ve not been a victim of Boko-haram’s numerous bombings, Dana air crash, the killing of the boys in ALUU community, kidnapping, numerous auto crashes or even terminal diseases like cancer, then, you have enough reasons to be thankful. Does it ever cross your mind that it could have been anyone at all? We haven’t got anything on all those people that lost their lives; it’s just the grace of God keeping us here still.

So as this year comes to an end, if your biggest problem is that I-phone 5 you haven’t gotten, or the latest designer wear you need to own or even that long curly weave you love so much and cannot afford to buy, then I think you have to look back and see how far you’ve come and realise that what matters most is the gift of life.

Remember all those moments that made you smile or laugh and save them as your best memories. Also remember those moments that made you sad or cry and keep them as lessons learnt.

I wish you all a merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year in advance. Thanks for reading and God bless you.

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3 Responses to 2012

  1. sMallZie says:

    Mo like e…more grease yo!


  2. Rolake says:

    This made me realise how much of a serious case 2012 is. I really hope the world can get over all of it and the universe can come together to render hope where it is so greatly needed. Nice post Moy. Stay awesome. 🙂


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