The Inevitable


You can’t stop the sun from shinning
Or prevent the night from falling
Can you hold back the rain
Or share in a friend’s pain
Would you stop breathing
If the air gets smoking
Would it make you feel better
If my flesh should wither
Can you ever change the unchangable
Or move the unmovable

I’m not scared of falling
Because I can always rise
I’m not scared of crying
A reason to smile would arise
I’m not scared of the dark
Within me there’s light
I’m not scared to look back
After fighting a good fight
But nothing scares me more
Than the inevitable

You can’t stop the winter cold
Or tell the flowers to unfold
Can you keep your feet off the ground
Or make the whole world understand
Would you stop a river from flowing
Even if the fishes were bleeding
Would you stay up all night
Cos you’re scared of death
Can you ever change the unchangeable
Or move the unmovable

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About Mo'smiles

Christian. Semi introvert. Style ambassador. Chemical Engineer.
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1 Response to The Inevitable

  1. SammyLee says:

    Lovely 🙂


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