Hey guys!
It’s been ages (I know I always say that, lol). Aside school work; let’s say I’ve had a little bit of a writer’s block. It’s a condition when you want to write but you’re unable to for a period of time due to a number of reasons. So please, pardon my inconsistency. Anyway, how have you been? I really hope your answer is fine. Me? I’ve been…alive. That’s a good thing right, considering the fact that Monsieur Death has been paying regular unwanted visits. Apparently, being alive is one of the best gifts anyone and everyone can have right now.

As a child, nothing scared me more than snakes. Lord! Those slimy, crawly creatures scare the living day out of me. I remember telling my mom I’d rather get locked up in a cage filled with lions, tigers, and other huge and scary animals than have a snake an inch close to me. Yeah, that’s how much I hate them. Don’t blame me, I was just a child and little did I know that life has a lot more scary things to throw at me. As I grew older, snakes became the least of my problems. Even though I still hate them, I have bigger things to worry about.

If you asked me a few years back if I was scared to die, I would have probably said no (I just felt, there was really nothing to be scared of). Recently, I think the thoughts of it alone is enough to get me shivering. I mean, it’s totally understandable to fear things you can see but how do you even relate to that which you cannot see? You don’t know how it operates neither do you know it’s time of attack, all you know is, people can just stop talking, moving or breathing all of a sudden.

These days, people die like it is some sort of fashion trend; even a day old baby isn’t safe. It’s very shocking to know that someone you just finished laughing with this minute could be gone the next minute.

It’s quite disheartening to know that people are a lot more famous after they’re gone. It’s like a lot of things about you get revealed to the world after your demise. Sometimes people don’t even pay attention to you until you end up in grave. It’s only natural to feel bad when someone dies but its even sadder when we have to wait till they die to give a shoulder to lean on, a helping hand or even a listening ear.

Nevertheless, no matter how sinister death is, we have no power over it and we just have to trust God in whatever decisions he takes over us. We may not know the time, place or moment of our death but one fact remains: someday we are all going to die (except you’re a vampire or some sort of immortal being). Every day is an opportunity for you to make life what you want it to be while you’re still here. Live life in such a way that after your demise, if you had an opportunity to say something it would be: ‘oh well, it was all worth it after all’. Remember, it is not over until you take your last breath.

Thanks for reading and God keep us all.

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  1. Mtay says:

    You couldn’t have said this any better, (y)


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