A thousand and one times, over and over again; maybe with different weapons but she gets hit on the same damn spot! Unseen bruises, hidden wounds, and invisible scars- unconsciously she bled. Yet with every punch she bounces back like a new yoyo; almost as if nothing happened.
She learnt to walk but never walks away, she learnt to play but always got played, and she learnt to talk but never found a good listener. Call it naivety, call it tenderness but the world calls it stupidity. Well, c’est la vie (this is life in French)
She’s been dealt with by friends, lovers and close ones. They lie to her over and over again. The signed, sealed, delivered lies. They come back all repentant (genuine or not) and of course babe with Santa Claus’ heart gives out a piece of how she feels, they come to spit out one of the two over used words: “I’m sorry”, she hugs them and says it’s ok.
To every scar, there’s always a story. Every single time we get hurt, whether we recover from it or not, it leaves a reminder. Sometimes you wonder why some people act so messed up, check again, look well and you might see a whole lot of tattoos of hurt, pain, and disappointments.
That’s the usual but you know what’s unusual? Seeing someone who’s been failed countless times and still has a straight vertebra column not bent by the world’s twisted ways. Someone who gives everyone that walks into her life a whole new chance and acts like she’s never been let down. And even after messing up a few times, she still believes there’s a possibility of a difference.
This is who the world calls stupid. Nah darlings, she’s strong. She stays believing that there’s still hope for humanity even at her most daring moment and believes every mistake opens a door for redemption. Even if she dies of this type of ‘stupidity’, she’ll remain that one person who never lived in the stereotyped world. Life is a funny story; it’s amazing how the world forces you to see things from their own perspective alone. What happens to the other side of the story then? Is that ever considered? It’s easy to get really mad at people and blame them for your turning into a terrible person. That’s the chicken thing to do.
It takes an extraordinary person to take the opposite turn when the world is facing the other way ( and I mean that in a positive way).Trust me, anyone that can swim through the pool of deceit, lies, hurt and still comes out alive and strong is extraordinary . If such people still exist, my respect goes out to them; and if the world thinks they’re stupid, then stupid is definitely the new synonym for courage.

“To every scar, there’s an even deeper story”

Thanks for reading and God bless you.


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Christian. Semi introvert. Style ambassador. Chemical Engineer.
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  1. Alexandro says:

    Mind blowing… That’s an eye open… A story that soothes the mind & touches the soul


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