…we said forever and always.

This wasn’t Taylor Swift inspired but let’s say I had my earphones plugged in while I wrote this and the song “forever and always” by Taylor Swift added sugar and spice to the inspiration.

Forever is a really long time.
Do you ever get to a point in friendship where you’re like ” nehh, this ain’t ending anytime soon”. I mean not being friends with them becomes an entirely blurry vision. Everyone can listen to you while you talk but it takes very few ones to understand the words you’re yet to speak.
It takes a selected number of people to see how much you’ve messed up and still say to you : ” we can still fix this”. Even when the situation looks terribly unfixable.
Those people that you can drop all
that bad guy p for, break down and let out a loud cry. Those ones that can see a whole different part of you; that part you’ve hidden so deep, covered with a facade so thick it would take a long shovel to dig out.
Those people God placed in different parts of life’s journey for us to discover.
A lot of people look like them but they’re not them, they’re just distractions perhaps. Some people are not fortunate to find all these people all at once but some of us are lucky enough to have them all at a goal.

When you find these people, you want to spend forever with them. You want to have them around everytime. You want to share every moment, every teardrop, every laughter with them.

You want them to be the first to hear about your job appointment. You want them to be there to pick out a wedding dress for you. You want them to be the first to see your new ride. You want them to plan your bachelor’s party.

Like I said forever is a really long time. And it sucks that it’s not on the calendar. So atleast we get to set a reminder. ‘Cos these people are PEOPLE. Even when all we want is to be there always, we just can’t. It’s simple human psychology.

It’s a difficult fact to accept; so are most of life’s facts. Unforeseen events, unplanned occurrences and unimaginable situations just turn the tables all around.

When people tell me “forever and always” I get really scared. Cos it reminds me of how long a time forever is and I don’t even know how close it is.

But then again I thought about it: “forever and always” doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll be there every single time because you can only have two people there every second of it – You and God. Let’s learn to live in reality not fairy tales.

“Forever and always” should be rephrased as: I’m there now, I won’t promise forever and I won’t promise always but Now I want to be there as long as I can, I want to make every moment count because if I miss my appointment in forever, I still want you to have Now to hold on to.

It’s our wish to be there for our loved ones “forever and always” and the fact that we have that wish is enough hope. So don’t stop being there while you can, don’t wait for your job to take your time away. Give as much attention you can give while you still have enough of it. And maybe, just maybe you’ll get a shot at forever.


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Christian. Semi introvert. Style ambassador. Chemical Engineer.
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5 Responses to …we said forever and always.

  1. oluwabusola says:

    I’m in love with this post. I can totally relate!


  2. Aurora says:

    Nice!!!!…. I like…. 🙂


  3. forget forever, now is all that matters, live for the moment and all that


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