Absolute Redemption

“Ah ah E go better”by Tony Tetullah (permit me if I’m wrong). That song goes way back to when I was in primary school. We never really knew what it was about but we shook our small bumbums to it anyway. Now that my right hand can coveniently reach my left ear I think I’m old enough to put forward this question: ” when exactly are we looking to have this “e go better era” remixed to “e don better” ? I’m definitely not the only one with that question.
As we all know, there’s been alot of literatures, individual outburst and media responses concerning the current state of our beloved nation, Nigeria. Infact, it is a song we all sing every day. And it all boils down to cussing out our…what are they called again ? You know, those ones that that channel a million people’s goodies into some offshore account and spend so much they begin to “mis-spend”; those ones that are too busy fighting for the legalisation of child marriage completly ignoring the fact that alot of citizens live in abject poverty. Oh I remember now, they’re called leaders.
Ofcourse we are the giants of Africa. Falling Angels were giants too right? Right?!
To be very honest I dont have the energy to start with the government or those we’re helplessly following. Nehh, not today. You say what we need is change right?
So speaking of change, it is one thing to want change it is another to be ready to live that change. My next question is for all of us : are we really ready for this change?
Now let me paint a scenario. The cafeteria in my school is always so crowded. You have to get a food ticket first before getting your food and these two things could as well be equated to a CIA mission of stopping a terrorist attack. It is that bad. So I walk into this cafeteria for the first time to get me some food. I decide to wait my turn to get a ticket even though nobody seems to be on a queue; everyone is all up in the seller’s face screaming. So I stand there like mount everest, no movement. It seems like the language of brouhaha and disorderliness is better understood . Of course I’m seen as stupid for waiting in line and nobody told me the next day before I joined the struggle. Do you see my point yet?
Ok lemme paint a clearer picture
My mom’s driver was telling me about an accident that happened few days back. Two trucks loaded with bags of cement had a head on collision with each other. They both lost control and the result was ghastly. anyone would expect that the most logical occurence would be for the onlookers to try to help the victims. Guess what the scene turned to? A cement give away event; people rushed to pack as many bags of cement as they could. My God!am I the only one that thimks this is alarming?
I could go on and on giving different examples of the typical Nigerian attitude. We are impatient and we never want to be told what to do. We forget that gold needs to pass through furnace to make pretty jewelery. But I havent even mentioned the part that amazes me the most. Have you met Nigerians abroad? Good lord! We are the most cultured people, we adhere to every traffic law and maintain a high level of decorum but we are the same ones that would jump barriers as soon as we get to Muritala Muhammed Airport. We say this land is green, God forbid it being cursed :(. What is going on? Why do we worship other nationalities and don’t even recognize ours?
All these things may seem little but they are part of the things that make up the term ” developed country”. Lets take a moment to divert our attention from ” the leaders” back to ourselves. Are we really taking any step towards change. Brother’s keeper? Citizenship? Rationality? I think not. Change is no longer the word, I believe what we need is a total and absolute redemption because even change is not strong enough to help us transform this country.


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7 Responses to Absolute Redemption

  1. Mayowa says:

    Nigerians automatically think those that come from abroad are mumu’s and try to take advantage. This is worse if you are acting tush and organised. I was at the airport in Lagos waiting for my turn at the immigration. I felt ashamed because the queues were so disorganised and rowdy compared to the airport at Amsterdam. Some of the immigration officers were helping some people they felt were “too important” to stand in the line than the rest of us jump the line. You can imagine the outbursts of some angry Nigerians that had been patiently waiting. Hence, the brouhaha. Its a sad case and as much as I have hope for Nigeria, I don’t see a change in people’s attitude happening anytime soon. But we can keep praying. Nice article.


  2. Nyero says:

    Can you even picture a calm sedated Nigeria, all that rowdyness is what makes it fun. Do we need change yes, is it happening anytime soon nope so till then am gonna go with the flow


  3. mykellreznov says:

    True … Charity begins at home. we are the ones called “Nigerians” we have to build ourselves. lovely article again…. thanks Moyo.


  4. Alice says:

    A calm sedated Nigeria almost seems like a mirage, I just think its gonna take intense brainwashing or hypnotizing to get ‘us’ to reason in the right way, nonetheless nice one moyo!


  5. nckan says:

    Reblogged this on nckan and commented:
    She’s right!


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