Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

My name is Moyosore
I’m a Christian; a growing one.
I’m Nigerian
I write to escape from the entanglement of verbal expression.
I’m a semi-introvert but my friends translate it to being a weirdo.
My mom is my role model and my sisters mean the world to me
I’m a total nerd but I’m not sure if nerds are allowed to be fashionable.
I’m not allergic to anything, which I think is the reason behind my occasional gluttony.

I know it’s a cliche for everyone to be extraordinarily appreciative at the end of every year. Well, do you blame us? What is there not to be thankful for? I mean, the fact that you read my blog post about 2012 last year and you’re here again to read this one is on my list of thankfulness.

Thank you.
I must say those words have been under utilized and mis-interpreted.
We say thank you when we receive a huge favor or when we get a little more than we deserve.
We say thank you when we are this close to getting hit by a car but we don’t or when there’s a plane crash and we’re the only survivors or even when we don’t carry over a course that seemed so difficult to pass.
Some of us even say thank you out of spite. Like “your dress looks ugly” kind of thank you.
But what about the things that seem too little to receive the slightest bit of gratitude. Those things that are more worthy of Lamentations but in the long run a speck of appreciation would suffice. Do we really need to weigh a little diversion from the ordinary by some standard to determine if they deserve a thank you or not?

So here goes a few of the many things I’m thankful to God for

Thank you for the people we lost this year because even though we wish we had the power to change their fate, we can’t; we can only hope and pray that they’re in a better place right now.

Thank you for tears we shed, whether from heart breaks or severe pain because you’ve taught us that hardship is a pathway to eternal peace and we find strength in our weaknesses.

Thank you for the pees and the poops because we’d be a bunch of uncomfortable and sad humans if we only had intakes and could not pass them out.

Thank you for not giving us that car or the billion dollars or the expensive diamonds when we wanted them because you know what’s best for us and the right time for us to have them.

Do you think God doesn’t know what he’s doing? Of course he does. Some situations leave us confused and perplexed as we continue to ask why or why not. This mystery draws the line between the all knowing God and us, the ignorant creations.
We have a God that allows sunshine and rain on both the good and the bad , one that sees to the survival of every living thing, one that rules it all, everything!
All he requires of us is a loving and grateful heart! I think that has to be the easiest job description ever. So let’s just do our job and trust him to do his!

To everyone that has been a part of this amazing year, you my readers inclusive, you have no idea how thankful I am. Since it is utterly impossible to have a year filled with only goodies, I pray to God to give Us wings to fly through every wilderness of distress and the legs to jump over every obstacle in this coming year. God bless you!
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!



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Christian. Semi introvert. Style ambassador. Chemical Engineer.
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