Your Little= My Big.

Few months back, I was close to making a decision to stop blogging. I’ve gotten a couple of “oh you write well” and “have you ever thought of writing a book” and I can’t even deny wallowing in a pool of flattery. Why was I gonna stop putting my writing up? I must say it was for a pretty stupid and rather selfish reason. I’m happy I snapped out of it though.
When I started this blog, I didn’t think I was a “big of a deal”writer( not that I’m a pro now o) but all I knew was that I wanted people to read my writing and smile. At a point in my life I thought I had absolutely nothing to offer the world; I’m sure my close friends can relate to this. I would go on and on about how I’m so “talentless” and try to compensate myself by being extra hardworking in school.
Then it occurred to me, everyone has something to offer. I would think to myself: ” Moyo, honestly don’t you think it would be a waste of God’s time creating something that wouldn’t be of any use”. And there goes my point exactly! For a God this organized, I don’t think he brought us all here just to come play a game of “let’s see who dies first”
It’s fine to want to be rich and famous. In fact, everyone should aim to be successful in life. What exactly is your definition of success? Having a closet bigger than Forever 21 shop ? Having your name glued to everyone’s lips ?
Getting to the point where you can enter any country without a visa? Or perhaps having a public holiday set aside to celebrate you? I’m sure my definitions match yours or are at least close enough. You’re probably right, those are really catchy things to desire.
I caught a tiny glimpse of success when someone told me: ” after reading one of your writings, I felt a lot better” those words may not seem much but they hit the softest part of my aorta. The joy that comes with making someone else feel better even when they’re so far away is magnificent. You might not be Beyonce Knowles kinda successful yet but if, because of you, a life has been changed for good, then darling feel free to add that to your success list.
I ain’t no John Grisham but if it takes just a paper and a pen ( or in my case, wordpress :D) to make even the littlest bit of change, then I’m in!
What’s your excuse for not helping out? “Oh I’m still too young for that” or “nahh, I’ve got nothing worth sharing”. Bruh, Biko don’t vex God. He’s nice enough to not force anything on us. He wants you to work! Discover that gift and when you do, use it! Does it feel right watching the TV and hearing
so many devastating news and you’re just there like: “I just want to be rich Abeg”.Yes we all want good money but just take your eyes off the cash for a millisecond and look back… There are ALOT of other things the world needs asides money.
You feel me?



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Christian. Semi introvert. Style ambassador. Chemical Engineer.
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9 Responses to Your Little= My Big.

  1. watti.d says:

    I feel you girl


  2. Mayowa says:

    I feel you babe 🙂


  3. Samson says:

    Thumbs up 🙂


  4. Oluwadunni says:

    Well written


  5. Rolake says:

    To the point and engaging. Great job!


  6. Saguj says:

    Yup…i feel you


  7. This was my constant thought. I knew I was created for more, not just to add to the population of the world. Thank you for sharing. I found it very inspiring and encouraging. It backs up a lot of my thoughts. All the best as you keep pushing forward


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