The Cactus Series- Episode 6

Hey people!
Welcome to another episode of the Cactus Series. If you missed the last episode please click HERE
You know something I love about the Cactus series? – The flexibility in writing. Our writers speak straight from their hearts, they need not follow a conventional or stern mode of writing. They’re here having a convo with us like they can actually see us!
Today we have “mystery girl” sharing her thoughts with us.

Writing for this blog is something I’ve always wanted to do and be a part of. I’ll give you two reasons why:

1- The way moyo makes Christianity sound so much fun and how she has been able to incorporate it into her way of life and everything she does is quite admirable. Believe me, we live in a world where religion,as a whole,has been tagged more as a chore and less as a way of life.

2- I would also like to contribute my own share in making a difference and encouraging someone else. And now to the koko of the matterz (random but dbanj just came to my mind , mind you I am a rap kinda chick despite this I am at peace when I am with the main Boo -God. Yes!! Jesus is my boo.

Without solitude no life can exist, without solitude you tend to lose focus of your goals. I have come to understand that I must learn to enjoy my own company because through this, love can then flow in. With solitude I get to understand myself and who I really want to be. I have learnt to be my own best friend and by this I can push myself towards achieving my full potential. I have learnt that in solitude, I am able to make better decision based on my own initiatives. We need to learn to have conversations with our mind and body because that way, we can hear the Holy spirit clearly and no what direction to tread.

It is important to remember that in life’s most significant moments we are alone, when we find ourselves face to face with the unwanted visitor DEATH we will be alone. This is the most feared moment of our lives. Just as love is a divine condition, so is solitude to the human condition.
__Paulo Coelho


MYSELF- -I have never really been good at anything, I am a defeated soul.
ME—why what do you mean?
MYSELF—I tend to always strive but never reaching my full potential people don’t see the talent built within me.
ME—I feel that the defeated souls are the heroes and the ones we should look up to.
MYSELF–Why? what do you mean?
ME—because through defeat the strongest have emerged.
MYSELF—Are you saying I should fail most times?
ME—No I am saying at a point in life we will feel defeated and we need to understand that through defeat you will know what is truly like to fail and success is fully appreciated afterwards.
ME—From this…..
MYSELF-From defeat one can embrace life with open minds, irrespective of what it throws at Us.
CHANGE Change is constant as we all know. Most of us are afraid of change because of fear of the unknown. For those of us who are going through changes, we start doubting. Its in the human nature to evolve with time and we should try our best to embrace this. Be it changing that food you always order at that same restaurant you’ve been going for the past 5 years, be it that same genre of music; let your life be a plethora of variety.

With this I tell you, life is pretty simple. I have a number of worries which tend to overwhelm me sometimes. I worry that at the end of my life I might tell God I did not multiply my talent 😥 , I worry I might lose the few friends I have and and sometimes I have to remind them “ please if I don’t talk much to you or take selfies with you, believe me, you’re always in my heart”. Never cease to remind your loved ones of their worth. I worry that I might not be able to achieve my goals. But everytime my heart gets flooded by these many worries, I’m reminded that I serve a God who is bigger than all of these and he’ll always be there.

WITHOUT THE BLOOD OF GOD LIFE IS ALL BUT VANITY.”- Can’t remember who said that.

Sometimes I even do random stuffs like talk to God in public. I actually open my mouth and say :”God is this guy good for me , should I wear this , can I read this book, do I look nice” that’s how cool I am with my God, you should try it too 😉

Hope you enjoyed this episode of the cactus series I wish I could continue but I’m afraid I will start blabbing.

Love, your mystery girl.

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Christian. Semi introvert. Style ambassador. Chemical Engineer.
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2 Responses to The Cactus Series- Episode 6

  1. damiefaniyi says:

    Lol I love! I think that conversing with God like he’s next to you (because he really is) is a good way to create intimacy. Good luck with the Cactus series! God’s blessings. Xxx


  2. One of my fave things to do..talking to God about EVERYtHING…
    And the human mind wants to worry about every single thing sometimes, but trust, have faith, live simply and happily, it’s all taken care of by our heavenly Father.

    Thanks mystery girl, you captured the conversations we have with ourselves quite well. Remember, God has given you His peace, not worry. Rest in that peace.


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