Cactus Series- Finale

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us”- Oliver Wendell Holmes

People could go on and on to tell you how wonderful a place is but it’s never gonna be the same till you go see things for yourself. All they can do is try to paint you a picture.
Getting inspired by someone is a 30-70 work. The 30 is for the person who tries to get you inspired and the 70 is left for you to decide whether you’d act on it or not.
So it’s all left to you to get out of that pity party and start making use of your God given gifts.

The Cactus series was aimed at inspiring young ladies from across the globe whom, at some point in their lives, have felt unworthy of God’s love. We have had a number of Christian women share with us their experiences and words of encouragement. To the glory of God, it’s been a great journey; I’ve received feedbacks from a number of people on how they’ve been unquestionably inspired and blessed.
We got readers from places like Nigeria, South Africa,Egypt,Hungary,Ireland ,The US,UK ,UAE,Ghana,Uganda ,Taiwan,Ukraine ,Jamaica,India ,Germany,Russia and so many others.

I would like to say thank you to all our guest writers who took time out to be a part of this great work. Thank you for letting the HolySpirit speak through you and thank you for your prayers as well. I pray you’ll continue to increase in divine knowledge and that we will all be a part of our heavenly hope.

And to you my wonderful readers, you guys have been awesome. From likes, to comments and numerous reblogs. I pray that God visits you in every area of your life today.

Once again to Nckan, thanks for the feature image.

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Grace and peace.


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  1. And God bless you too Moyo, for letting God use you.


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