Guest Post

Death is a sea of piranhas and life hovers above it hanging by a thin string

I know my string had exceeded it’s elastic limit but I’m sustained by his Grace (2 chronicles 6:19)

My heart is filled with praise 

Your love I can’t erase 

You are my first love

You gave me my first kiss, it was the breath of life

You complete me like a cloze test 

I have always been one to stray 

Hardly been one that prays 

He showed his face but I sought other ways 

Not withstanding he set me up in the right places 

My understanding he placed on a celestial level 

He placed me above the terrestrial powers and the Devil 

He moulded me on his potter’s wheel 

He made me an holy vessel 

He clothed me in his holy mantle.

Send me anywhere Lord, be it land I’m in the saddle 

Be it the sea I’m ready to paddle 

Anywhere I’m willing to travel.

Even in my old days I’ll still get on my knees and grovel 

I’ll lift my head up high remembering the days you saved me from trouble 

And I would be eternally grateful

Poem by: Oladimeji Taiwo 


About Mo'smiles

Christian. Semi introvert. Style ambassador. Chemical Engineer.
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