The Cycle of Peace 

I told one of my friends earlier this week that it might take a while for me to post on my blog again. The last couple of weeks haven’t been my best and I felt the last thing that could come out of me was encouragement; I needed that myself. I said to another friend: ” wouldn’t it be nice to use some of the encouragement, I give others, on myself once in a while” 

This is my little ministry. Every time I get a message from someone, telling me  they feel better/encouraged because of something they read on here, I’m thankful that God can make a tree grow from the tiniest seed. I might not be able to encourage myself, but you all encourage me without even knowing it. So, thank you    

The Cycle of peace. 

I’ve made peace with the night; I promised not to question its mystery but dwell in its serenity and celebrate its luminosity. 

My doubts don’t stop the sun from shinning, neither do my worries hold the storms back. So I’ve made peace with the day, to embrace it’s brouhaha and dance to its many tunes. 
I told failure we are all good, now that I’ve learnt that a vacation in its territory doesn’t make it home. Every return from it secures a place for me with breakthrough; the cousin of success. 
I’ve made peace with the past, it took a while to come to the conclusion that it’s occurrence cannot be overlooked neither can the possibility of it’s dominance be made oblivious. We have, however, reached a compromise to accept it as a part of me while it never tries to define who I am. 
I’ve made peace with the present, I’d succumb to its happenings and participate in its events. I’d treat it for what it really is- a present. 
I made peace with the future, I promised to not meddle in its affairs or spend the present concerned about it; they both tend to be jealous of each other. 
I’m still making peace with my body. I’ve asked for unity with my spirit; I requested for corporation with my mind. Some days they are on good terms, other days the body is committed to rebellion and it’s tantrums make the mind forget the ones it had made peace with. 
They say it’s a ritual I have to commit to on a daily, until the body loses its power and the spirit finally takes charge. This battle has to end… It has to end someday. 


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2 Responses to The Cycle of Peace 

  1. ahava says:

    “My doubts don’t stop the sun from shinning, neither do my worries hold the storm back”
    I love this, this is a good read Moyo. Good work .


  2. ahava says:

    Reblogged this on thrillofbliss and commented:

    This is really soulful and refreshing .


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