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I feel very eerie about this notion.  I love my husband, so much.  I love being married, so much.  However when I see “#relationshipgoals,” tacked onto a clip of my husband and I dancing, or in the comments of a posted picture, I shudder down my spine.  I am flattered, however I also want to grab the person by the shoulders, vigorously shake them, sit them down and then lecture them for at least 3 hours about our story and struggles.  Keone and I are married and share a career.  We are with each other almost every second of the day.  We feel very blessed because we realize it’s unusual to share a career and our lives totally.  We did not plan this.  I never imagined myself ending up with a Filipino, Christian, half-jock dancer.  Never.  It simply happened that way, it happened at the right time, and for us…

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