God is not Logical. 

I know I’m supposed to continue my review on “The Runaway Bride” by Heather Lindsey but I thought we’d take a rain check. This is actually somewhat related because it’s part of what my friends and I discussed during our book review, so I thought I should share it.
Over the centuries, humans have effortlessly tried to answer the question: “Is there a God?” 

Different theories have been put forward by numerous schools of thoughts as to whether there really is an existence of a supreme being. However, I am not here to stand in-between existing controversies but to share my thoughts on my already established stance. 

I shared this a few days ago: 

“I want to teach my children to understand the clear distinction between religion and faith”. 

Why you may ask? 

Religion is just a term that describes a group of people and what they believe in; merely carrying a tag on your neck that shows your religion doesn’t equal the level of your faith. Religion sometimes makes us place constraints on our faith as we find ourselves picking out what to follow and what not to. It turns our relationship with God into a routine and without realizing it, we begin to worship the idea of God rather than God himself. Teaching them religion without clarifying the discrepancies with faith leaves them at the risk of getting locked in a monotonous life, hence getting bored and then losing interest completely. 

So understanding, first, that you are not saved by your religion but by your faith draws a line between logic and faith. 

What is Faith? 

Faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance in what we do not see- Hebrews 11:1

From the little years I’ve spent in academics, I believe that defies all scientific laws. It is just mere hypothesis because for you to have ASSURANCE in something you must have carried out a plethora of experiments and have physical proof that your theory is feasible or valid. 

Now what is logic? 

Logic is the use and study of valid reasoning 

You see the two don’t mix? In fact they are two things moving in opposite directions; their paths can never cross. 

My point here is, sometimes we try to make sense of God’s plans for us. As intelligent beings that we are , we want to break it down into logical reasoning and most times it never works out. Trying to match logic with faith is like wanting to fit a square in a triangular hole. It’s difficult to believe when God says He wants to do something huge in us when in the real sense of it, it is absolutely ridiculous.

Just imagine telling a 90- year old Sarah she’s going to conceive, isn’t that something you’d laugh so hard about. And that’s the whole point God was trying to make when He said : 

For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways – Isaiah 55:8

You can’t begin to wrap your head around His supremacy, He’s an unsolvable  puzzle, a mystery that has no end. 

And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not – John 1:5 

I find myself questioning God a lot of times, especially in the case of bad things happening to good people. Or when I ask for something and He gives me another thing that’s not even close to my request. While I was reading Heather’s book today, the Holy Spirit ministered to me thus: 

Instead of trying to understand God’s every move, instead of questioning every decision He makes for you, why not direct that energy into loving and trusting Him.  Fall helplessly at His feet and ask Him to align your thoughts to His will. He is the driver of this car you’re in and would you rather be a distraction than a cheerleader? 

The more we try to logicalize things with God, the harder it is to trust Him and the farther we are away from Him. 
Grace and Peace. 

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3 Responses to God is not Logical. 

  1. tessadoghor says:

    Let me say one:

    “The ship will be destroyed but no life will be lost”.


    It happened. God tell truth always.

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  2. f says:

    Thanks Mo, insightful as usual. I believe another reason why we shouldn’t try to understand God using logic is that logic itself, a product of the human mind, is limited. Daniel 2 illustrates how God’s (divine) wisdom was able to solve a problem that logic wouldn’t attempt – Daniel recounted the king’s dream and interpreted it. In a logical world, solving an equation with 2 unknowns (dream and interpretation) is infeasible. Put another way, faith is going beyond the limitations of our human minds and senses to trust God who’s wisdom exceeds logic. I think for most of us, myself included, the hard part is finding the courage to trust God when our mind keeps giving us countless reasons why our position isn’t making sensible.

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  3. vhiktorare says:

    this is very true and in depth.


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